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    Do you want a short getaway but don't have enough time to arrange it?

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    What about a surprise holiday to an unknown destination?

    Book your flight + hotel in just 3 clicks, travel to a mystery destination in Europe and discover it at the airport. WowTrip take care of everything else.

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    Become the king of original gifts.

    Stand out at birthdays, weddings and Christmas or surprise your partner on your anniversary or St. Valentine's Day.



    Redeem your gift and enjoy your exciting surprise trip to a mystery destination.


    WowTrip commitment

    At WowTrip we are commited to comply with the following requirements, otherwise your mystery holiday will be refunded.

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    • Direct non-stop return flights from main United Kingdom's airports.
    • Limit the time frame of your flight if you don't have full-time availability.
    • Guarantee of 24h per night spent at the surprise destination if you have total avilability.
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    • We guarantee 3* or 4* hotels with a rating of more than 3.5 on Tripadvisor.
    • In central areas of the destinations.
    • In our guide you will discover the best ways to reach the city centre of your mystery destination.
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    • An unknown destination within Europe.
    • Discover it at the airport or 48h before flying if you can't handle your nerves!
    • Discard the destinations that you don't feel like visiting, only if there is any!

    We'll manage all the documents of your mystery trip: weather forecast for the destination, hand luggage restrictions, hotel voucher, flight itineraries, online check-in, mobile boarding passes, travel guide of the destination… for you to enjoy your WowTrip without any worry.



    How does WowTrip work?
    Is WowTrip for me?
    What does a WowTrip include?
    When and how do I discover my surprise destination?
    How do I pack without knowing my surprise destination?
    If I repeat… can I end up getting the same destination?
    WowTrip is an online travel agency that commercialises and manages surprise trips to an unknown destination. To purchase a WowTrip, you only have to follow the simple booking process. Once the booking is made, you will receive an email with the summary of your purchase and the locator of your WowTrip. Two days prior to the start of your WowTrip, the flight departure time, the airport and the terminal will become activated in your personal space. You will also have available the weather forecast for your mystery destination and the hand luggage restrictions of the airline you are going to fly with. If your nerves get the best of you and you can’t hold yourself back until reaching the airport to find out the destination, no need to hyperventilate! Two days before your departure, you will also be able to see where you are going and will have the trip’s documentation available, in case you are one of those who prefer to print out and take everything on paper.
    Do you like city breaks? Are you a human being? If the answer to both questions is yes, WowTrip is definitely for you.
    A WowTrip includes direct return flights from the city selected as the trip origin to the WowTrip destination. It also always includes a stay at 3* or 4* hotels located in central areas. Both the bedrooms and the bathrooms will always be private, you will never share a room with strangers nor will you have to use a communal bathroom in the establishment. What's more, we manage all the documents of your trip so that you don't have to worry about anything.
    The true spirit of WowTrip calls for travellers to discover their surprise destination at the very airport. You will only have to go to the airport with your phone at the indicated time, access My Wowtrip using your email address and locator and select the boarding pass to finally reveal your surprise destination. Apart from the boarding passes, you will also have available in your personal space all your documentation such as the hotel voucher and a travel guide lovingly curated by us for you.
    Easy peasy! Two days before your departure, you will have available in your personal space My WowTrip the weather forecast for your mystery destination. With this, you can pack your luggage as if you knew where you are headed. In addition to the weather forecast, we’ll provide the hand luggage restrictions of the airline you are travelling with.
    If you want to live the WowTrip experience again, we’ll discard the destinations you have already visited with us free of charge. How do you do it? Follow the booking process as normal without manually discarding the destinations of your previous WowTrips. After introducing the passengers’ details, indicate in the observations section the locators of your past bookings. With this, we’ll identify the WowTrip destinations we have already taken you to and discard them.
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