General conditions

1. Introduction

WowTrip is a registered trademark of GES-MEX Servicios Integrales SL, travel agency with address in Legion VII street, 4, 2nd floor, door number 2, post code 24003, Leon, España CIF B24674103 and registered in the Culture and Tourism Government of Castile and León under the identification code nº CICL.24-106. Domain names,,,, and belong to GES-MEX Servicios Integrales SL.

The following general conditions refer to the products offered by GES-MEX Servicios Integrales SL (hereinafter WOWTRIP), WOWTRIP and your customer relationship (hereinafter CUSTOMER), to the relationship between WOWTRIP and the service providers selected by WOWTRIP (hereinafter OPERATORS).

The following General Conditions would valid since 01/09/2016 and they will be valid until WOWTRIP provides modifications or updates of them.

The following General Conditions have contractual character and the purchase by the CLIENT of any product offered by WOWTRIP in any of its sales channels entails the obligatory acceptance of them by the CLIENT.

WOWTRIP, within the framework of the ICEX Next Export Initiation Program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

2. Purchase process and contract formalization

Reserving with WOWTRIP includes:

  1. Outbound and return flights with departure place designated by the client and destination designated by WOWTRIP. The CLIENT has the right to discard the destinations that s/he considers pertinent during the reservation process in the module designated for it. WOWTRIP has the right to select any destination of the offered in the module designated for it except those discarded by the CLIENT. Departure schedules for both outbound and return flights will be designated by WOWTRIP and the CLIENT may discard some slots during the reservation process in the designated module.

  2. Accommodation in the destination selected by WOWTRIP. WOWTRIP will try by all means that the accommodation would be a 3* Hotel or superior category, with access to public transport and as close as possible to the city centre of your destination. The hotel rooms will be selected by WowTrip and may be individual, double, triple or quadruple, according to availability and at the discretion of WowTrip. WOWTRIP reserves the right to modify any of the above conditions due to force majeure, offer of accommodation and availability, limitations on the designated budget by the CLIENT or any other question that makes impossible the fulfilment of the above characteristics.

  3. Management of all the documentation related to flights and accommodation by WOWTRIP, including the hotel voucher and the mobile boarding passes for both the outbound and the return flights.

  4. Possibility of travelling with cabin luggage. The restrictions for this kind of luggage will be fixed by the airline. WOWTRIP must be in charge of notifying the airline to the CLIENT with a minimum of 48h before their outbound flight and the CLIENT must be in charge of revising and comply with the cabin luggage policy of the airline

  5. Mini destination guide designated by WOWTRIP.

  6. Access to relevant information about the surprise trip like the departure terminal and the schedule of the flights as well as the weather forecast for the destination designated by WOWTRIP.

The reservation of a surprise trip with WOWTRIP does not include other services provided by some travel agencies such as insurance contracting, transfers, visa management, legal documents or any other issue not expressed in the previous points. The reservation of a WOWTRIP does not include the tourist taxes that are of mandatory payment by the tourist upon arrival at some destinations.

The purchase process in any of the WOWTRIP domains is as follows:

  1. CLIENT selects the departure point of the surprise trip, the number of people who are going to enjoy it and the duration.

  2. CLIENT selects the departure day of the surprise trip in which the price per person indicated by WOWTRIP on the calendar is accepted.

  3. CLIENT selects if s/he wants to discard some destinations. The discarding costs are fixed by WOWTRIP.

  4. CLIENT decides if s/he wants to restrict some schedules for flights both outbound and back. The price of each time restriction is fixed by WOWTRIP

  5. CLIENT enters the travelers data. The CLIENT is the only one responsible for the correct entry of the travelers' data which cannot be modified afterwards. WOWTRIP has no responsibility in the veracity of the data nor does it have the ability to change them ex post. In case of disagreement on the part of the client is considered irrefutable proof the files stored by WOWTRIP containing such data.

  6. CUSTOMER proceeds to the payment of the surprise trip contracted via WOWTRIP. WOWTRIP offers to the CUSTOMER a payment gateway from a financial services third party provider. CUSTOMER accepts the responsibility for the truthfulness and legitimacy of the data entered into the payment gateway

  7. WOWTRIP will confirm the trip reservation to the client sending a reservation locator which will be shown at the end of the reservation process as well as sent by email to the holder traveller indicated by the CLIENT

  8. WOWTRIP will enable access to the reservation information module called 'MY WOWTRIP' where the CLIENT will have access through the WOWTRIP website

  9. 48h before the departure of your trip, WOWTRIP will upload the information about the departure terminal as well as the timetable for it and the weather forecast for your destination in 'MY WOWTRIP'. The CLIENT has the responsibility to access to this information.

  10. 48h before the departure of your outbound flight, WOWTRIP will upload the printable boarding pass for the outbound flight, the hotel reservation voucher and a miniguide for your destination in 'MY WOWTRIP'. The CLIENT is in charge of accessing those documents

  11. 48 hours before the departure of the outbound flight WOWTRIP will upload the mobile boarding pass for it. This option is available, however the CLIENT can access the destination information designated by WOWTRIP at the same airport, without having to know their destination previously

3. Modifications, cancellations and refunds.

Due to the contracting conditions of services, WOWTRIP will not accept modifications of the booked trip or any of the data provided by the CLIENT during the booking process.

Regarding cancellations, WOWTRIP will apply a policy of cancellation costs. This cancellation costs are the 100% of the reservation regardless of the cancellation reason. This entails that the refund is not allowed in any case.

Having said that, WOWTRIP has a customer service policy whereby they undertake to give support and attention to the CLIENT in case the latter requests to modify or cancel a reservation, but WOWTRIP does not undertake to be able to satisfy the requests of the CLIENT.

Regarding the right of dismissal:

Pursuant to Article 103 l) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, by which the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved, it will not be applied the right to withdraw from contracts relating to the provision of accommodation services for purposes different from housing, transport of goods, rental of vehicles, food or services related to leisure activities, if the contracts provide a date or period implementation.

Regarding the transport of people, according to article 93 k) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 approving the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users the regulation of distance sales (except of article 98.2) does not apply to contracts of passengers service transport. As a result, the right of withdrawal does not apply to reservations of passenger service transport. Thus, in the case that the USER expresses their willingness to cancel the contracted tickets, the cancellation conditions of the company in question will be applied.

4. Use conditions and responsibility.

WOWTRIP is a travel agency and acts as an intermediary, requiring other service providers such as airlines and hotels (hereinafter OPERATORS) for the correct operation of the trips offered. WOWTRIP will not be accountable for the correct working of the OPERATORS and their services.

In the light of all that, WOWTRIP has a customer service policy which commits to provide support and assistance to the CLIENT in case they are not satisfied with the services of any of the OPERATORS but WOWTRIP does not undertake to be able to satisfy the CLIENT's requests.

It shall be the responsibility of the CLIENT to inform and comply with all the standards established by the OPERATORS including, but not limited to: baggage policies, security policies, boarding policies and schedules, behavioral policies, Check-in and Check-out policies, hygiene policies, etc.

WOWTRIP will not be responsible for the failure of the CLIENT to comply with any of the policies and norms established by the OPERATORS, the latest named being able to take the appropriate measures if this is the case, and may even refuse the OPERATOR to render the services to the CLIENT if the breach of the policies or standards by the CLIENT were considered by the operator of sufficient severity.

In the light of all that, WOWTRIP has a customer service policy which commits to provide support and assistance to the CLIENT in case of conflict with any of the OPERATORS but WOWTRIP does not undertake to be able to satisfy the CLIENT and/or OPERATOR requests.

In particular, WOWTRIP will have no responsibility on any issue beyond its control. These issues will include, but they are not limited to, causes of force majeure, natural disasters, terrorist threats, airport closures, airspace closures, national emergency situations, epidemics, health hazards, strikes, mass cancellations of flights, problems in air traffic, etc. Regarding problems with the services provided by any of the OPERATORS, WOWTRIP will not be responsible for any situation including, but not limited to: Air delay, flight cancellations, overbookings, hotel diversions, problems in hotel infrastructures, problems in hotel services, etc.

5. Payment conditions.

The purchase of any product to WOWTRIP will only be effective when WOWTRIP through their payment intermediaries make the charge in a valid way depending on the means of payment chosen, and until this moment could be cancelled by WOWTRIP.

Applying for a reservation entails the CUSTOMER's commitment to authorize being charged with the whole amount of the trip.

The prices shown online have included airport taxes. They do not include, however, the local taxes - which are paid at the hotels if any -, nor the exit taxes of the country - that are paid at the airports, if any. The prices also do not include the taxes of issuing boarding passes at airports if there would be the case.

6. Copyright.

Every information, data, software, content, music or sound, photo, picture, video or any other material present in the website (hereinafter the CONTENTS), are exclusive property of WOWTRIP and/or its licensees.

The user and / or CLIENT does not have or acquire any rights over the previously said CONTENTS and / or the ownership and holding of the Website, except for the right to use the application.

7. Contract validity

These general conditions have a contractual nature between the CUSTOMER and WOWTRIP as it is set in section 1 of the same and as a contract, it constitutes a unit itself. Notwithstanding it the ineffectiveness of one or more of the parties would only affect those mentioned parties of the contract, and the rest will remain in force.

8. Support, help and complaints.

WOWTRIP has a customer service policy by virtue of which it agrees to collaborate in any situation where the CUSTOMER requires their help. For the greater efficiency of this policy, WOWTRIP makes available to the CUSTOMER different communication channels that are indicated in its website accessible through any of the domains indicated in section 1 of these General Conditions.

For formal claims, WOWTRIP provide the client with the official e-mail WOWTRIP will not accept any claims processed through channels other than this email and, even if they are processed through this channel, WOWTRIP will not accept claims submitted after 10 days from the end of the surprise trip, understanding that the end date of the surprise trip is the date of the return flight.

9. Privacy Policy.

GES-MEX SERVICIOS INTEGRALES, S.L. guarantees by means of this notification the privacy of the personal information that the interested parties provide when completing this form and / or accepting these general conditions, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, Personal Data Protection.

The users consent to the processing of personal data by GES-MEX SERVICIOS INTEGRALES, S.L. which will be incorporated into a file owned by the company, guaranteeing at all times the most absolute confidentiality in the processing of the data collected from the interested parties. We inform you that such data may be transferred to other similar companies to be used for the same purpose.

Furthermore, we inform you about the possibility to exercise the access, correction, cancellation and objection rights of your personal data via email to or via a written communication addressed to Calle Legión VII, nº 4 2º D, 24003 León (Spain).

10. Applicable law.

These General Conditions and the relationship between the CLIENT and WOWTRIP are governed, to the extent permitted by the applicable law, by Spanish law. As permitted by applicable law and international agreements, the parties agree that the settlement of any disputes or any type of litigation that may arise between them derived from the General Conditions and the relationship between them shall be exclusive competence of the Courts and Courts of the Junta de Castilla y León. In addition, WOWTRIP reserves the right to cite the CLIENT in the pertinent court depending on the client residence.