About us

A French, a Swiss and two Spaniards... It sounds like a joke, but it isn't! This is one of the many ways in which our story could begin: the adventure of four tourism professionals who decided to completely change the traditional and typical way of travelling. For that purpose, we created WowTrip, a window to new worlds, unique experiences and unforgettable trips..

Our mission:

  1. To change tourism as everyone knows it, the one that's about searching for destinations and comparing prices, for another kind where the main motto is 'I know the departure, but I don't know where I will travel to', or 'I don't have to worry about anything apart from enjoying my WowTrip experience'.

  2. To always offer the best destinations, with departures from several cities every day of the week and giving the possibility of booking even for high occupancy seasons such as long weekends, summer holidays and specific dates.

Our vision:

  1. Our small but at the same time great community would shout from the rooftops that there is another way of knowing amazing places.

  2. We hope that there are more and more dreamers and adventurers over time and that this different way of travelling becomes something normal when it comes to arranging our vacations.

Our values:

  1. The customer comes first: providing support and solutions to our customers is the most important thing for us because with their desire to change the world, they are the engines of WowTrip.

  2. Innovate or die: not falling into routine, surprise more people and through more ways.

  3. Passion: we love what we do and we work as happy as a child in a candy store.