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Surprise trips by WowTrip, a new and challenging way of travelling !

At a time when the world of travel has completely been democratized, the surprise trips offer a new sensation, a feeling to engage ourselves in a real adventure, with a minimum of travel preparation and all the promises of the unknown.

Travelling has become like a kind of routine and with the Internet everyone can be their own travel agent. We have come to the point that the pleasure and excitement of discovery are often replaced by hours of tedious research and a very controlled travel plan. Choosing a destination, booking a flight, selecting a hotel, finding out about activities and places to visit… No space for imagination is left! The pleasure of going on an escapade is still present, but you feel that something is missing for it to be an unforgettable experience… That’s what the surprise trip concept proposed by WowTrip is willing to change. They have been born to give spontaneity and magic back to your travels. More than a new way of travelling, it is a new way of enjoying life.

What does it include?

A WowTrip includes a direct flight + a 3* or 4* hotel to an unknown destination disclosed when arriving at the airport or 48h before departure if preferred.

Do you want to know more? Check our article “What’s a surprise trip?”.

Use your Accessorize Treats discount code

WowTrip is collaborating with Accessorize Treats to let you try the experience with a special discount code for you:

How to use your  £25 discount code?

Very simple! To get your surprise trip with a £25 discount, you just have to introduce the following code: WOWTREATS during the reservation process in WowTrip’s website.

How long is the WowTrip Discount code valid?

The £25 discount code is valid until September 15th, 2019. Remember that you can also use it to give a WowTrip as a gift.

So… What are you waiting for?

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