What’s a surprise trip?

What’s a surprise trip? Key points to understanding how a WowTrip works.

Hello! If you have reached this far, it’s because you can’t wait to go on a WowTrip. However, you don’t know how a surprise trip works and don’t quite date to try it yet, do you? You have come to the right place, continue reading and dispel all the doubts you may have about travelling with WowTrip.

What does a surprise trip with WowTrip include?

A WowTrip includes direct return flights from the city selected as the trip departure to the WowTrip destination and back.

It also includes a stay in 3 or 4* hotels located in central areas of the destination cities. Both the bedrooms and the bathrooms will always be private, you will never share a room with strangers nor will you have to use a communal bathroom on the premises.

Last, but not least, we manage all the documentation of your trip: weather forecast for your destination, hand luggage restrictions of the airline you are flying with, hotel booking confirmation, flights itinerary, personalised guide of the destination, online check-in and boarding passes.


How does a WowTrip work?

WowTrip is an online travel agency that commercialises and manages surprise trips to an unknown destination.

To book a WowTrip, you only have to go to www.wowtrip.co.uk and follow this simple booking process:

  • Enter your departure city, the number of travellers and the duration of the trip.
  • Choose your desired dates on the calendar.
  • Discard the destinations where you have already been or that you prefer to visit on another occasion (only if there are any).
  • If you don’t have full-time availability, restrict the time frames in which you can travel.
  • Enter the passengers’ details and make the payment.
  • WowTrip in progress!

Once the booking is made, you will receive an email with the summary of your purchase and the locator of your WowTrip. This locator is the one you will need to use, along with your email address, to access your personal space My WowTrip, where for the time being you will only be able to see the general details of your reservation.

Two days prior to the start of your WowTrip, the flight departure time, the airport and the terminal will become activated in your personal space. You will also have available the weather forecast for your destination and the hand luggage restrictions of the airline you are going to fly with.

If your nerves get the best of you and you can’t hold yourself back until arriving at the airport to find out the destination, no need to hyperventilate! Two days before your departure, you will also be able to see where you are going and will have the trip’s documentation available, in case you are one of those who prefer to print and take everything on paper.

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Why book a surprise holiday with WowTrip?

We all like travelling, but, for many, arranging a simple getaway can be bothersome, seem tedious or even unpleasant. Nowadays, with such huge flight and hotel offering on the Internet, we have become our own travel agents, but not everyone is actually ready to be one.

At WowTrip we put an end to those endless hours researching flights and hotels, the arguments with your travelling companions about deciding where to go and the headaches of discovering new destinations.

With WowTrip you can live the experience of travelling to a surprise destination and discover it at the airport.

With WowTrip, the trip destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.

Trust WowTrip to forget about :

✖ Spending hours researching flights and hotels
✖ Trying to convince your travelling companions that your proposal is the best
✖ Finding new destinations where none of you has already been

And prepare yourself for:

✔ Living the experience of travelling to an unknown destination until you arrive at the airport
✔ Our trip destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things

In addition to all of the above, our team holds dozens of years of experience in the tourism sector, which makes our service achieve a high level of satisfaction on the part of our clients.

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Is WowTrip for me?

Do you like travelling? Are you human? If the answer to both questions is yes, WowTrip is definitely for you.

We believe that the desires to live new experiences and to get to know the world are by and for all audiences. This is why our trips are aimed at a large part of the population, with ages ranging from adolescence to… there is no limit!

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At what time will be my flights?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy their WowTrip even if they finish work late, have to attend class early in the morning or have to travel from another place to take their flight. For that reason, during the booking process you can restrict the time frames of your flights, both outbound and return.

If you are fortunate enough to have full-time availability, we’ll always try for you to fly out in the morning and fly back in the evening. Moreover, we’ll always guarantee 24 hours spent at the destination per night.

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What will my hotel be like?

We only work with 3 or 4* hotels located in central areas of our WowTrip destinations. Your stay will be in a private room with private bathroom, no bunk bed sharing with strangers at all!

For us, the quality of our hotels is essential, that’s why we usually work with renown hotel chains like NH, Mercure, Best Western, Accor, IHG… Although we also love to surprise our clients with charming independent hotels such as the Hotel Edelweiss in Geneva.

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Can I take a suitcase with me?

Of course! All airlines allow hand luggage, so you will always be able to travel at least with a small suitcase. Two days before departure we’ll let you know the exact measurements and weight that you can carry so that you can pack with peace of mind.

If you want to check in more luggage, there’s no problem. Contact us and we’ll arrange this for you.

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What destinations can I get to travel to?

At present, all our WowTrips take place in European cities. From large capitals like London or Paris to lesser-known cities, though no less charming, like Milan, Munich, Porto or Nice.

During the booking process you will see all destinations we have available from your departure city, and if there are some where you have already been or would like to leave for another occasion, you can discard them. Rest assured your WowTrip won’t land in any of your discarded places.

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What documentation do I need to travel?

If you have a European nationality, your ID Card will be enough. If you are from somewhere outside the EU, you will need your passport.


When and How do I discover my surprise destination?

The true spirit of WowTrip calls for travellers to find out their destination at the very airport. To make this possible, we take charge of managing your boarding passes. Consequently, you will only have to go to the airport with your phone at the indicated time, access My Wowtrip using your email address and locator and select the boarding pass to reveals your surprise destination, at last! Apart from the boarding passes, you will also have available in your personal space all your documentation like the hotel reservation confirmation and a travel guide lovingly curated by us for you.

If you like to have everything carefully tied up and ready or if your nerves won’t let you wait until the airport, don’t worry! Two days before departure you can unveil your WowTrip destination, see your hotel, check out the guide… All documents will be available then if the anxiety gets the best of you!

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How do I pack if I don’t know my destination?

Easy peasy! Two days before your departure, you will have available in your personal space My WowTrip the weather forecasted for your destination. With this, you can pack your luggage as if you knew where you are headed.

In addition to the weather forecast, we’ll provide the hand luggage restrictions of the airline you are travelling with.

And we’ll also tell you the departure time of your flight, the airport and the terminal. Doesn’t it sound less crazy now to wait until the last minute to unveil your destination?

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I have already discovered my surprise destination, now what?

Now… Enjoy! If you have unlocked it at the airport, the adventure kicks off!

If you have preferred to know it two days before and your boarding passes are not available yet, don’t fret, they will be there one day before the flight departure.

We also handle the boarding passes of the return flight. Depending on the airline, they may not be ready until 24 hours before departure. If the flight departure time is from 19:00, they will be ready in the morning of that same day.


When will my boarding passes be available?

If your flight departs in the morning, your boarding pass will be available the day before departure. This applies to both the outbound and the return flights.

If your flight departure time is from 19:00, your boarding pass will be available that same day first thing in the morning.

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I have loved the WowTrip experience and want to do it again, can I end up travelling to the same destination?

If you want to live the WowTrip experience again, we’ll discard the destinations you have already visited with us free of charge. How do you do it? Follow the booking process as normal without manually discarding the destinations of your previous WowTrips. Upon introducing the passengers’ details, indicate in the observations section the locators of your past bookings. With this, we’ll identify the WowTrip destinations we have already taken you to and discard them automatically.

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If you are missing some information, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about it. You can do it by calling us on +44 (0) 20 3239 7361 or by sending us an email to info@wowtrip.travel.


We hope to see you soon!