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What is WowTrip
WowTrip is a new way of travelling, an experience that surely will change your life. With WowTrip you can travel to an unknown destination with flights + hotel from £150. Discard those cities you don't want to visit, confirm your WowTrip and you will discover your destination 48h before your departure or even discover your destination at the airport!!
How are my flights going to be?
The WowTrip team will handle the flights that fit best with your reservation. You'll only have direct flights and will always try to offer departure in the morning and way back in late afternoon or evening, but we'll always guarantee 24h per night spent at the destination if you have total availability. You can travel both with regular and lowcost airlines and only work with airlines autorized in United Kingdom.
How is my hotel going to be
The hotels selected for our WowTrippers are of exceptional quality, with at least 3 stars, and always close to the centre of the destination city or easily accessible by public transport. You can download your hotel reservation and the boarding passes at 'My WowTrip' 48h before the departure time or at the airport.
What does a WowTrip include
Your WowTrip will include a flight to an unknown city from your chosen origin city, a reservation with a hotel of at least 3 stars at the destination, the management of all travel documents to make the experience as surprising as possible, a miniguide of your destination and 24h customer service for you to enjoy your trip and not worry about anything.
When are we going to know where we go
You will have two options: 48h before your departure flight you can access 'My WowTrip' on our website to check your flights schedule, your airline's luggage policy and the weather forecast for your destination. If the intrigue is too much to handle, at that very moment you can discover your destination through a link within 'My WowTrip', but the most adventurous WowTrippers should go to the airport at the indicated time and download their boarding passes right there and then to live the WowTrip experience to the limit.
What time should I be at the airport
You can find the flight schedule and the recommended time for you to be at the airport at 'My Wowtrip' 48h before your departure date.
What documents do I need to be able to travel with WowTrip
All WowTrip destinations only require the United Kingdom's passport to board the plane. On a global manner, all person from European Union with passport can travel with WowTrip. But! Remember to check that your documentation is in order... 
Can I travel with pounds or do I need another currency?
In the majority of our destinations, Euro is the currency but sometimes this is not the official currency of the country. For this reason, we make sure that both in the origin and destination airports there are currency exchange offices for you to change your pounds into the currency of your destination.
How will I know the weather for my destination
48h before the departure of your WowTrip you will have the weather forecast for your destination. Buuuuut... We already know that the weatherman is not always right, so don't hold us responsible for it, please.
Can I take luggage
Your WowTrip will always allow you to carry one piece of hand-luggage per passenger but for more details please check the airline restrictions 48h before the departure of your WowTrip so that you are aware of their luggage policy. ** If you want to check in more luggage you must indicate it in the observations and we will let you know the extra cost for it.
If I repeat with you, will I travel to a different place
Of course! If you repeat with us, you just have to tell us your last locator in the comments and we'll exclude that destination for free.
Can I travel alone
Of Course! WowTrip is totally flexible and it allows you to travel alone without any problem.
Can I travel even if I don't have British nationality
Everyone who is entitled to freedom of movement within the Schengen Space can travel with WowTrip. Nationals of countries belonging to the Schengen Area, nationals of the UK and Switzerland, and anyone holding a passport that allows them to travel within the Schengen Area can live the experience of a WowTrip.
What are the hotel rooms going to be like
The rooms of the hotel will always be private. Rooms are never shared with travellers who are not part of your WowTrip. Depending on the number of travellers and the availability of hotel rooms these may be single, double, triple or quadruple.
Can I cancel or modify
Unfortunately reservations are 100% non-refundable so any modification or cancellation will not be possible.
Can I take out insurance
Insurance is not included in the WowTrip offer. However, if you want one, we can take one for you without telling you the destination. We would inform you the extra amount to be paid.
What should I do if my flight is delayed
At WowTrip we cannot be accountable for flight delays or cancellations but we will be pleased to help you in order to deal with the appropiate complaints.
Passengers with special needs limitations
If any of the passengers have particular needs you should notify it in the observations part for dealing with the reservation properly.
Pregnancy and travelling
At some stage of the pregnancy travelling by plane is no longer allowed. From WowTrip we cannot be responsible in those cases, so we ask you to see your doctor in order to avoid any problem.
Children under 18 can travel
Of course but with some restrictions. Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to travel alone and they always have to travel with a parent or a legal tutor. Passengers between 16 and 18 years of age can travel without parents or legal tutors as long as they carry their ID card or passport and a permit (issued by the police) for trip authorisation signed by their parents and provided that one of the travellers is over 18. This regulation is the responsibility of the legal authorities, so we ask for you to confirm with them these special conditions.
What do I have to do If I have some doubts
The WowTrip team is available during office hours to answer all your questions at the email and on WhatsApp +44 (0) 77 2658 5972 In addition, we have a 24h emergency telephone line which you will know once your WowTrip is confirmed.
Which destinations could I visit?
You can get to visit any of the destinations listed during the reservation process except the ones you discard.
Which dates may I choose?
WowTrip is completely flexible, you can travel on a weekend, a long weekend, a whole week or whatever combination you choose. We have WowTrips of all possible durations and with departure dates every day of the year.
Does WowTrip handle my check-in
Yes, we will handle the check-in of all flights. As we have already mentioned, WowTrip is an experience that allows you to relax and blow your imagination without worrying about anything. For this reason, we take care of the check-in for your outbound and return flights so that you can download the boarding passes directly from our website at 'My WowTrip' 24h before your departure or at the airport.
How should I download my trip documents
48h before your WowTrip departure you will have your boarding pass available on our website in "My WowTrip" (both mobile and printable versions). But if we may suggest something to you... make your WowTrip a bit more exciting and download your mobile boarding pass from 'My WowTrip' at the airport.
Why there are different prices in different dates
The WowTrip team works very hard to get the best hotels and flights at the most competitive prices of the market. These prices vary depending on the period (high season, bank holidays...) or the proximity of the travelling dates. That's why, prices may vary on our calendar.
Can I give a WowTrip as a gift
Of course! You just have to go to "Give a WowTrip as a gift" on our website. In only 3 clicks, you'll be the king of original gifts!
What happens if I don't want to travel to a specific destination
WowTrip gives you the opportunity to discard the destinations that you don't want to visit just for a little extra charge.
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