How does a surprise travel work?

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Choose where your WowTrip will start from, its duration and the number of passengers that will enjoy it!

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WowTrip - Choose your date

Choose your trip dates

Choose the dates that fit best with your priorities. Your WowTrip can start any day of the week!

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WowTrip - Choose your date


Flexibility. Your WowTrip is flexible: Do you want to leave a destination for another time? Do you have time restrictions? Do not panic! You can discard destinations and limit the flights schedule.

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WowTrip - Fill in your details

Fill in your details

Fill in your details and those of your companions and... WowTrip on the go! You will receive a confirmation of your surprise holiday by email.

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WowTrip - Time for packing

Pack your luggage

Time to pack! 48 hours before your departure you can discover your surprise destination going to 'My WowTrip' and you will be able to download all your documentation and your destination guide.

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WowTrip - surprise trip to the limit

Live it to the limit!

Do you want to feel the wow experience to the limit? You can wait to download your mobile boarding pass from 'My WowTrip' section until you are at the airport! We do the check-in online for you! But you won't go blindly, as 48 hours before departure you will have your terminal and departure time and all the necessary information to pack the appropriate luggage available at 'My WowTrip'.

Wow! I want to live it to the limit! Surprise step!