How it works

How it works


Select your type of surprise trip:

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Choose where your WowTrip starts from, how long it will last and the number of travellers who’ll be enjoying it!

Choose your surprise trip dates

Select dates that best suit your needs – your WowTrip can begin on any day of the week!


Your WowTrip is flexible: Is there a destination you don’t fancy going to? Do you have time restrictions? Don’t panic! You can discard destinations and set your departure and arrival times (on an Original WowTrip) as well as your trip duration (on Wowtrips by Car or by Train).

Fill in your details

Fill in yours and your companion’s details… and get your WowTrip going! You’ll get an email confirmation of your surprise trip.

Pack your bags

Now for the luggage! 48 hours before your departure, you can access the weather forecast in your surprise destination, as well as your departure time and terminal (for an Original WowTrip) or the duration of your trip by road or train (for Wowtrip by Car or by Train). If you can’t wait to find out your destination, you can also do it at this point.

Live it to the max!

Want to make the most of your Wow experience? Wait until the airport to find out your destination! We’ll take care of the online check-in for you and all you have to do is download your mobile boarding passes in the airport. That way, you’ll find out your destination just before boarding the plane or leaving the house!

We are improving “My Wowtrip” to give you access to your new personal space.

Until we have it ready, we will send you your travel documents by e-mail 48 hours before the departure of your Wowtrip.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our usual channels.